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Yongshin Kim, Hannes Hempel, Thomas Unold, and David B. Mitzi. "Ag Alloying in Cu2−yAgyBa(Ge,Sn)Se4 Films and Photovoltaic Devices." Solar RRL 7, no. 7 (2023).
Yongshin Kim, Hannes Hempel, Steven P. Harvey, Nelson A. Rivera, Thomas Unold, and David B. Mitzi. "Alkali element (Li, Na, K, and Rb) doping of Cu2BaGe 1−xSnxSe4 films." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11, no. 28 (2023): 15336-15346.
Yi Xie, Jack Morgenstein, Benjamin G. Bobay, Ruyi Song, Naidel A. M. S. Caturello, Peter C. Sercel, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Chiral Cation Doping for Modulating Structural Symmetry of 2D Perovskites." Journal of the American Chemical Society (2023).
Dovletgeldi Seyitliyev, Xixi Qin, Manoj K. Jana, Svenja M. Janke, Xiaowei Zhong, Wei You, David B. Mitzi, Volker Blum, and Kenan Gundogdu. "Coherent Phonon‐Induced Modulation of Charge Transfer in 2D Hybrid Perovskites." Advanced Functional Materials 33, no. 21 (2023).
Haipeng Lu, Gabrielle Koknat, Yi Yao, Ji Hao, Xixi Qin, Chuanxiao Xiao, Ruyi Song, Florian Merz, Markus Rampp, Sebastian Kokott et al. "Electronic Impurity Doping of a 2D Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite by Bi and Sn." PRX Energy 2, no. 2 (2023).
Eric T. Chang, Gabrielle Koknat, Garrett C. McKeown Wessler, Yi Yao, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Phase Stability, Band Gap Tuning, and Rashba Splitting in Selenium-Alloyed Bournonite: CuPbSb(S1–xSex)3 ." Chemistry of Materials 35, no. 2 (2023): 595-608.
Ruyi Song, Chi Liu, Yosuke Kanai, David B. Mitzi, and Volker Blum. "Structure and electronic tunability of acene alkylamine based layered hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites from first principles." Physical Review Materials 7, no. 8 (2023).
Akash Singh, Ethan Crace, Yi Xie, and David B. Mitzi. "A two-dimensional lead-free hybrid perovskite semiconductor with reduced melting temperature." Chemical Communications 59, no. 53 (2023): 8302-8305.
Akash Singh, and David B. Mitzi. "Crystallization Kinetics in a Glass-Forming Hybrid Metal Halide Perovskite." ACS Materials Letters 4, no. 9 (2022): 1840-1847.
Garrett C. McKeown Wessler, Tianlin Wang, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Cubic Crystal Structure Formation and Optical Properties within the Ag–BII–MIV–X (BII= Sr, Pb; M IV= Si, Ge, Sn; X = S, Se) Family of Semiconductors." Inorganic Chemistry 61, no. 6 (2022): 2929-2944.
Manoj K. Jana, Yi Xie, and David B. Mitzi. Impact of Structural Distortions on the Optoelectronic and Spin-Related Properties of Two-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskites In Volume 1: Hybrid Organic Inorganic Perovskites: Physical Properties. Beard, M. C. ed. Vol. 18. World Scientific, 2022.
Betul Teymur, Leo Choubrac, Hannes Hempel, Oki Gunawan, Thomas Unold, and David B. Mitzi. "Influence of Copper Composition on Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Solution-Deposited Films and Photovoltaic Devices with Over 5% Efficiency." ACS Applied Energy Materials 5, no. 9 (2022): 10645-10656.
Yi Xie, Ruyi Song, Akash Singh, Manoj K. Jana, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Kinetically Controlled Structural Transitions in Layered Halide-Based Perovskites: An Approach to Modulate Spin Splitting." Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, no. 33 (2022): 15223-15235.
David B. Mitzi, and Yongshin Kim. "Spiers Memorial Lecture: Next generation chalcogenide-based absorbers for thin-film solar cells." Faraday Discussions 239 (2022): 9-37.
Betul Teymur, Yongshin Kim, Jialiang Huang, Kaiwen Sun, Xiaojing Hao, and David B. Mitzi. "Top Stack Optimization for Cu2BaSn(S, Se)4 Photovoltaic Cell Leads to Improved Device Power Conversion Efficiency beyond 6%." Advanced Energy Materials 12, no. 40 (2022): 2201602.
Liang Yan, Manoj K. Jana, Peter C. Sercel, David B. Mitzi, and Wei You. "Alkyl–Aryl Cation Mixing in Chiral 2D Perovskites." Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, no. 43 (2021): 18114-18120.
Julie Euvrard, Yanfa Yan, and David B. Mitzi. "Electrical doping in halide perovskites." Nature Reviews Materials (2021).
Yongshin Kim, and David B. Mitzi. "Growth and Photovoltaic Device Application of Cu2BaGe1–xSn xSe4 Films Prepared by Selenization of Sequentially Deposited Precursors." ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (2021): 11528-11536.
Yuko Takeoka, and David B. Mitzi. Halide Perovskite Materials, Structural Dimensionality, and Synthesis In Perovskite Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics: From Fundamentals to Advanced Applications. Miyasaka, Tsutomu ed. Wiley, 2021.
Maged Abdelsamie, Tianyang Li, Finn Babbe, Junwei Xu, Qiwei Han, Volker Blum, Carolin M. Sutter-Fella, David B. Mitzi, and Michael F. Toney. "Mechanism of Additive-Assisted Room-Temperature Processing of Metal Halide Perovskite Thin Films." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (2021): 13212-13225.
Betul Teymur, Sergiu Levcenco, Hannes Hempel, Eric Bergmann, José A. Márquez, Leo Choubrac, Ian G. Hill, Thomas Unold, and David B. Mitzi. "Optoelectronic and material properties of solution-processed earth-abundant Cu2BaSn(S, Se)4 films for solar cell applications." Nano Energy 80 (2021): 105556.
Yongshin Kim, Hannes Hempel, Sergiu Levcenco, Julie Euvrard, Eric Bergmann, Oki Gunawan, Thomas Unold, Ian G. Hill, and David B. Mitzi. "Optoelectronic property comparison for isostructural Cu2BaGeSe4 and Cu2BaSnS4 solar absorbers." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (2021): 23619-23630.
S. Levcenko, B. Teymur, D. B. Mitzi, and T. Unold. "Photoluminescence study of solution-deposited Cu2BaSnS4 thin films." APL Materials 9, no. 11 (2021).
Jiwoo Song, Betul Teymur, Yihao Zhou, Edgard Ngaboyamahina, and David B. Mitzi. "Porous Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Film as a Photocathode Using Non-Toxic Solvent and a Ball-Milling Approach." ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (2021): 81-87.
Julie Euvrard, Oki Gunawan, Xinjue Zhong, Steven P. Harvey, Antoine Kahn, and David B. Mitzi. "p-Type molecular doping by charge transfer in halide perovskite." Materials Advances 2 (2021): 2956-2965.