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Tomas E. Barraza, Wiley A. Dunlap-Shohl, David B. Mitzi, and Adrienne D. Stiff-Roberts. "Deposition of Methylammonium Lead Triiodide by Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation." Journal of Electronic Materials 47 (2018): 917-926.
Manoj K. Jana, Svenja M. Janke, David J. Dirkes, Seyitliyev Dovletgeldi, Chi Liu, Xixi Qin, Kenan Gundogdu, Wei You, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Direct-Bandgap 2D Silver–Bismuth Iodide Double Perovskite: The Structure-Directing Influence of an Oligothiophene Spacer Cation." Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (2019): 7955-7964.
Donghyeop Shin, Tong Zhu, Xuan Huang, Oki Gunawan, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Earth-Abundant Chalcogenide Photovoltaic Devices with over 5% Efficiency Based on a Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Absorber." Advanced Materials 29 (2017): 1606945.
Wiley A. Dunlap-Shohl, Robert Younts, Bhoj Gautam, Kenan Gundogdu, and David B. Mitzi. "Effects of Cd Diffusion and Doping in High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells Using CdS as Electron Transport Layer." The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (2016): 16437-16445.
Yihao Zhou, Donghyeop Shin, Edgard Ngaboyamahina, Qiwei Han, Charles B. Parker, David B. Mitzi, and Jeffrey T. Glass. "Efficient and Stable Pt/TiO2/CdS/Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Photocathode for Water Electrolysis Applications." ACS Energy Letters 3 (2018): 177-183.
Robert Younts, Hsin-Sheng Duan, Bhoj Gautam, Bayrammurad Saparov, Jie Liu, Cedric Mongin, Felix N. Castellano, David B. Mitzi, and Kenan Gundogdu. "Efficient Generation of Long-Lived Triplet Excitons in 2D Hybrid Perovskite." Advanced Materials 29 (2017): 1604278.
Julie Euvrard, Yanfa Yan, and David B. Mitzi. "Electrical doping in halide perovskites." Nature Reviews Materials (2021).
Haipeng Lu, Gabrielle Koknat, Yi Yao, Ji Hao, Xixi Qin, Chuanxiao Xiao, Ruyi Song, Florian Merz, Markus Rampp, Sebastian Kokott et al. "Electronic Impurity Doping of a 2D Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite by Bi and Sn." PRX Energy 2, no. 2 (2023).
Douglas M. Bishop, Brian E. McCandless, Richard Haight, David B. Mitzi, and Robert W. Birkmire. "Fabrication and Electronic Properties of CZTSe Single Crystals." IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 5 (2015): 390-394.
Kong Fai Tai, Oki Gunawan, Masaru Kuwahara, Shi Chen, Subodh Gautam Mhaisalkar, Cheng Hon Alfred Huan, and David B. Mitzi. "Fill Factor Losses in Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1−x) 4 Solar Cells: Insights from Physical and Electrical Characterization of Devices and Exfoliated Films." Advanced Energy Materials 6 (2016): 1501609.
Elham Ghadiri, Donghyeop Shin, Ashkan Shafiee, Warren S. Warren, and David B. Mitzi. "Grain-Resolved Ultrafast Photophysics in Cu2BaSnS4–xSex Semiconductors Using Pump–Probe Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy and Microscopy." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 (2018): 39615-39623.
Yongshin Kim, and David B. Mitzi. "Growth and Photovoltaic Device Application of Cu2BaGe1–xSn xSe4 Films Prepared by Selenization of Sequentially Deposited Precursors." ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (2021): 11528-11536.
Ke-zhao Du, Xiaoming Wang, Qiwei Han, Yanfa Yan, and David B. Mitzi. "Heterovalent B-Site Co-Alloying Approach for Halide Perovskite Bandgap Engineering." ACS Energy Letters 2 (2017): 2486-2490.
Haipeng Lu, Chuanxiao Xiao, Ruyi Song, Tianyang Li, Annalise E. Maughan, Andrew Levin, Roman Brunecky, Joseph J. Berry, David B. Mitzi, Volker Blum et al. "Highly Distorted Chiral Two-Dimensional Tin Iodide Perovskites for Spin Polarized Charge Transport." Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (2020): 13030-13040.
Fei Ye, Haodi Wu, Minchao Qin, Shuo Yang, Guangda Niu, Xinhui Lu, Jiannong Wang, David B. Mitzi, and Wallace C. H. Choy. "High-Quality MAPbBr3 Cuboid Film with Promising Optoelectronic Properties Prepared by a Hot Methylamine Precursor Approach." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (2020): 24498-24504.
José A. Márquez, Jon-Paul Sun, Helena Stange, Hasan Ali, Leo Choubrac, Stefan ä fer, Charles J. Hages, Klaus Leifer, Thomas Unold, David B. Mitzi et al. "High-temperature decomposition of Cu2BaSnS4 with Sn loss reveals newly identified compound Cu2Ba3Sn2S8." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (2020): 11346-11353.
Joseph Berry, Tonio Buonassisi, David A. Egger, Gary Hodes, Leeor Kronik, Yueh-Lin Loo, Igor Lubomirsky, Seth R. Marder, Yitzhak Mastai, Joel S. Miller et al. "Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites (HOIPs): Opportunities and Challenges." Advanced Materials 27 (2015): 5102-5112.
Kasra Sardashti, Richard Haight, Tayfun Gokmen, Wei Wang, Liang-Yi Chang, David B. Mitzi, and Andrew C. Kummel. "Impact of Nanoscale Elemental Distribution in High-Performance Kesterite Solar Cells." Advanced Energy Materials 5 (2015): 1402180.
Julie Euvrard, Oki Gunawan, and David B. Mitzi. "Impact of PbI2 Passivation and Grain Size Engineering in CH3NH3PbI3 Solar Absorbers as Revealed by Carrier‐Resolved Photo‐Hall Technique." Advanced Energy Materials 9 (2019): 1902706.
Betul Teymur, Leo Choubrac, Hannes Hempel, Oki Gunawan, Thomas Unold, and David B. Mitzi. "Influence of Copper Composition on Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Solution-Deposited Films and Photovoltaic Devices with Over 5% Efficiency." ACS Applied Energy Materials 5, no. 9 (2022): 10645-10656.
Wiley A. Dunlap-Shohl, Tianyang Li, and David B. Mitzi. "Interfacial Effects during Rapid Lamination within MAPbI 3 Thin Films and Solar Cells." ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (2019): 5083-5093.
Zewen Xiao, Ke-zhao Du, Weiwei Meng, Jianbo Wang, David B. Mitzi, and Yanfa Yan. "Intrinsic Instability of Cs2In(I)M(III)X6 (M = Bi, Sb; X = Halogen) Double Perovskites: A Combined Density Functional Theory and Experimental Study." Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (2017): 6054-6057.
Tong Zhu, William P. Huhn, Garrett C. Wessler, Donghyeop Shin, Bayrammurad Saparov, David B. Mitzi, and Volker Blum. "I2–II–IV–VI4 (I = Cu, Ag; II = Sr, Ba; IV = Ge, Sn; VI = S, Se): Chalcogenides for Thin-Film Photovoltaics." Chemistry of Materials 29 (2017): 7868-7879.
Yi Xie, Ruyi Song, Akash Singh, Manoj K. Jana, Volker Blum, and David B. Mitzi. "Kinetically Controlled Structural Transitions in Layered Halide-Based Perovskites: An Approach to Modulate Spin Splitting." Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, no. 33 (2022): 15223-15235.
Wiley A. Dunlap-Shohl, Tomas E. Barraza, Andrew Barrette, Kenan Gundogdu, Adrienne D. Stiff-Roberts, and David B. Mitzi. "MAPbI3 Solar Cells with Absorber Deposited by Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation." ACS Energy Letters 3 (2018): 270-275.